Open call for submissions

Call for papers
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Since launching in 2015, Finance and Society has provided a platform for innovative research on finance from across the social sciences and humanities. In addition to regular articles and essays, we have published a series of special issues and forums on the themes of money, art, security, temporality, macro-finance, and more. As the journal enters a new phase of growth and development, we are seeking high-quality submissions and proposals that deepen the cross-disciplinary dialogue on finance, from theoretical interventions and empirical studies to policy-oriented work.

Submissions are invited in the following formats: (1) Research articles of 8-10,000 words; (2) Essays of 4-6,000 words; (3) Review articles of 2-3,000 words; and (4) Book reviews of 1-2,000 words. Proposals from guest editors for special issues and forums are also welcomed. Special issues can combine any of the above formats, and may also feature a forum. Forums should consist of 4-6 short commentaries, of 2-4,000 words each.

Possible themes for submissions and proposals:

  • Financial infrastructures
  • Valuation regimes
  • Finance and inequality
  • Law and finance
  • Leverage and power
  • Assets, assetisation, and the asset economy
  • Financial dystopias and apocalypse
  • Finance and ecological crisis
  • Finance, sustainability, and sustainable capitalism
  • Racial capitalism 
  • Finance and platform capitalism
  • Digital economy, AI, and the politics of fintech
  • Tokens, tokenisation, and encryption
  • Gendered finance
  • Finance, nationalism, and populism
  • Finance and growth regimes
  • Welfare states after financialisation
  • State-banking nexus
  • Finance and corporate power
  • Finance and development
  • Subordinate financialisation 
  • Critical macro-finance
  • Central banking and monetary policy
  • Systemic risk and macroprudential governance
  • Public finance
  • Finance and security 
  • Theory and philosophy of money
  • Histories of finance
  • Heterodox economics and finance theory
  • Temporality and futurity
  • Volatility cultures
  • Poststructuralism and finance 
  • Gift, debt, tribute, pledge, claim
  • Contemporary regimes of credit, credibility, and reputation
  • Money, finance, and psychoanalysis 
  • Aesthetics of finance 
  • Nihilism and finance
  • Finance and the occult

More information about the journal and the submission process can be found via the following link: Queries can be directed to Nina Boy (, Nathan Coombs (, or Amin Samman (