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Sylvia Eckermann, Gerald Nestler
Finance and Society, 2016, 2(2): N/A


2K-single channel video, colour, 2.1 sound, 4:49 min., 2016. Video and audio: Eckermann/Text: Nestler. Sylvia Eckermann is an Austrian artist whose critical reflections engage with our (in)dividual entanglement in socio-political situations. Eckermann works with various media including digital and physical environments, game mods, installations, videos, objects and sculptures. Her work has been shown internationally since 1989. Among other grants and awards, she is the first recipient of the City of Vienna Award for Media Art (2014). Gerald Nestler is an artist and writer (and sometimes curator) who combines theory and conversation with installation, performance, video, sound, text and speech to explore what he calls the 'derivative condition' of contemporary life

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