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Author Guidelines

Article types

Finance and Society publishes full-length original articles, half-length original essays, review articles, and book reviews. The length required for main articles is normally 9-11,000 words, including endnotes and references. Essays are typically 4-6,000 words, review essays 2-3,000 words, and book reviews 1-2,000 words. It is the author’s responsibility to provide the editors with an accurate total word count for all articles on submission.

Special issues and forums

Finance and Society regularly publishes call for papers on specific themes, and welcomes proposals for future special issues or forums on emerging research areas or ground-breaking new publications. Finance and Society also welcomes proposals for special issues. Articles in special issues are subject to the same requirements as articles submitted independently. Forums should consist of 4-6 short commentaries of 2-4,000 words each. Guidelines for guest-edited special issues and forums are available here. Any queries about special issues or forums should be directed to the editors.

Review essays and book reviews

Finance and Society publishes review essays and book reviews devoted to new publications. Reviews are subject to editorial screening. Revisions may be requested and the final decision to publish rests with the editorial team. The book reviews editor should be the point of contact for any proposals regarding review essays or book reviews.

Peer review policy

Research articles and original essays are subject to a double-blind peer-review process in which the identity of the reviewer and the author are concealed from both parties. Review essays, book reviews, and forum contributions are subject to editorial review.

Submitting your manuscript

Online submission of manuscripts is mandatory for all papers. Please read and adhere to all the guidelines and instructions provided below, and before submitting your manuscript, make sure that it is fully in keeping with the journal’s house style.

After acceptance

All authors will receive an electronic version of proofs of their article to correct and return. All authors will also receive a PDF of their final article. In order to reduce the lead-time between submission and publication, Finance and Society hosts completed articles online prior to their inclusion in a final online journal issue. Note that once an article is hosted online further changes can only be made with permission from the editors.

Open access

Finance and Society is a fully independent and open-access journal. All published articles will in every instance be available free of charge. Authors whose articles are accepted for publication are able to post their accepted manuscripts* on their personal/departmental websites and their institution’s digital repository as soon as they receive a positive decision from the editors. Once the manuscript has been published online we request that the authors circulate the final version instead. Please note: The ‘accepted manuscript’ is the fully peer-reviewed version of a paper at the point where it has been accepted for publication by the journal editors but before it is sent out for copyediting and typesetting.


Authors are responsible for obtaining permission from copyright holders for reproducing any illustrations, photographs, tables, figures or lengthy quotations previously published elsewhere. Any permissions fees must be paid for by the author.

Further information

Any queries or additional requests for information on the manuscript submission process should be emailed directly to the editors.